About this IPT installation

This is a default IPT hosted by Botswana National Museum

You can use the following variables about the hosting organisation:

  • description = As a government department, Botswana National Museum is mandated to protect, preserve and promote Botswana’s cultural and natural heritage for sustainable utilization thereof by collecting, researching, conserving and exhibiting for public education and appreciation. The Natural History Division of the department is aiming towards becoming the national center for natural history collections as well as safeguarding protection of natural heritage sites in Botswana. It deals with nature and the environment and addresses topics such as biodiversity, nature conservation, taxonomy, systematics, evolution and ecology. The museum is responsible for keeping the zoology/botany collections. It is involved in collecting animal/plant specimens, documenting and researching on these specimens , as well as classifying and identifying these specimens and conducting inventories around the country. The museum is serving as a repository for such natural history collections.
  • name = Botswana National Museum
  • alias = Botswana National Museum
  • homepageURL = []
  • primaryContactType = technical
  • primaryContactName = Boikhutso Lerato Rapalai
  • primaryContactDescription =
  • primaryContactAddress =
  • primaryContactEmail = blmokotedi13@gmail.com
  • primaryContactPhone = +2673973860
  • nodeKey = 7f48e0c8-5c96-49ec-b972-30748e339115
  • nodeName = Participant Node Managers Committee
  • nodeContactEmail =